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Pegah Elite is a highly accomplished professional with over 25 years of diverse management experience spanning various industries. Throughout her career, she has earned a reputation as a respected and successful Director and businesswoman.

Her journey has been marked by a keen understanding and appreciation of the creative process and strategic planning, which has equipped her to adeptly navigate through new challenges and cultivate expertise in building robust relationships.

Pegah holds multiple awards and certifications in auditing, strategic consulting, project management, and business analysis, reflecting her commitment to excellence in her field. She brings to the table a wealth of experience as an Operation, Training, and Executive Director, showcasing proficiency in strategy formulation, analytics, and negotiation. Known for her strong work ethic and ambition, Pegah possesses exceptional motivational skills that drive results.

Over the past two decades, Pegah has demonstrated her leadership capabilities by successfully planning and executing numerous national and international conferences and seminars, delivering outstanding outcomes each time. As a certified Lead Auditor, she has conducted over 1000 days of third-party audits across various industries in the Middle East region. Additionally, she has imparted her knowledge and expertise as an instructor in numerous management training courses.

Currently, Pegah serves as the Executive Chair of SCMM 2024 (Shopping Centre and Mall Management Conference), overseeing its strategic direction and ensuring its success.

Furthermore, Pegah is a prolific writer, having co-authored three published books and authored over 50 articles in the field of management, further solidifying her stature as a thought leader in her domain.

About Pegah Elite

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