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Mehdi Elite is a distinguished professional with nearly three decades of invaluable expertise in the Middle East's management sector. Renowned for his versatility and seasoned insight, Mehdi is a trusted consultant, trainer, and auditor, committed to delivering excellence with unwavering integrity.

With a strong foundation in risk-based thinking and strategic acumen, Mehdi has cultivated a reputation as a proficient systems analyst and entrepreneur. His leadership prowess extends to team motivation and relationship building, driving teams to surpass expectations under his guidance.

Mehdi boasts an impressive array of credentials, including certifications as a Certified Tutor, Certified Management Systems Lead Auditor (covering QMS, EMS, and OHS), and a reputable Management System Consultant. His contributions to the field of management are further underscored by his extensive publication record, comprising over two hundred articles and several books.

As a sought-after speaker, Mehdi has graced over 50 national and international conferences across multiple countries, including Iran, Pakistan, Greece, India, and the United Arab Emirates. His captivating presentations have earned him recognition as "The Best Speaker" at numerous prestigious events.

Throughout his illustrious career, Mehdi has demonstrated his commitment to fostering knowledge exchange and professional development as the Founder and Chair of several international conferences, notably the SCMM (Shopping Centre and Mall Management Conference).

About Mehdi Elite

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