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Alvaro Luiz Dos Santos

Alvaro Santos is an experienced professional in senior property management with an impressive track record of over 25 years in the dynamic realm of commercial real estate. With a diverse skill set, Alvaro excels in various aspects of property management, including the development and management of commercial properties such as regional shopping centers, offices, residential properties, travel destination outlets, retail concepts, franchises, restaurants, entertainment venues, hotels, convention centers, and apartment complexes.

Alvaro’s exceptional communication skills and innate ability to initiate projects independently have earned him commendations throughout his career. He is a skilled team-builder, fostering strong professional relationships with an extensive network of valuable contacts.

Furthermore, he is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

In addition to his expertise in forecasting and monitoring budgets, Alvaro skillfully executes permanent leasing strategies and actively engages in ancillary income deal-making. Efficiency in managing time-bound projects is one of Alvaro’s key strengths, along with his ability to effectively oversee EBITDA-focused efforts. He excels in developing and nurturing relationships with vendors, corporate entities, and staff. His marketing prowess extends to advertising, experiential programming, data analytics, and leveraging social media platforms. With a comprehensive understanding of accounts payable and receivable, Alvaro skillfully manages these crucial aspects. He is also well-versed in public and community relations, including speaking engagements and active involvement in community activities.

Contributing to development activities, including asset acquisitions, sales, and dispositions, is another area where Alvaro excels. He maintains excellent tenant relations and skillfully oversees tenant project coordination. His ability to foster good relations with local authorities and community partners is highly valued.


Alvaro’s commitment to making a positive impact is evident through his active involvement in civic organizations and serving on respective boards of directors. He diligently performs routine property inspections and conducts assessments of needed improvements. With a keen understanding of retail trends and store operations, Alvaro is skilled in performing due diligence and investment valuation. He is also sought after as a motivational speaker and life coach, inspiring individuals to reach their full potential.

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