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Peter Thommen

Peter Thommen's dedication is the future. Not the future itself, but what it means for business here and now: He gets companies, departments and organisations future ready while establishing true sustainability - for business, for people, and for the planet.

Peter combines a comprehensive 30 year-career at IKEA, over the decades most likely the sustainably most successful global retailer and 20 years Futures Thinking as a member and friend of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. He has a background as a CFO, a Strategy Sparring Partner, a Global Business Services Leader and a Mgt-, Advisory- and Supervisory Board member in the Retail, Commercial Real Estate and Global Business- and Shared Services Industry.


He is a Swiss-Polish double-citizen and developed his career in Poland from IKEA’s pioneer phase in the early post-communist era to a significant and sizable organisation. The next steps included two mind-blowing CFO assignments in Japan and Russia. Japan in the context of its different culture and in IKEA Shopping Centres Russia by contributing to the company’s biggest crises and change management initiative by the time ending up with a successful and sustainable turnaround. After his assignment as Group CFO and Supervisory Board member of the Inter IKEA Shopping Centre Group, Peter led IKEA’s global Group Shared Services and transformed three standalone service delivery centres in Poland, China, and the US into one well connected and integrated global organization.

To Futures Studies Peter has been involved for almost 20 years as a member of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. He fell in love with Strategic Foresight back in 2005, a methodology that doesn’t try to predict the future, but by showcasing different future scenarios has the power to provide the basis for designing a future-ready strategy here and now. There is no strategy tool that fits better into our disruptive and accelerating world on the road to 2030.

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