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Daniele Pepe

Daniele Pepe is an experienced professional in the architecture field, specializing in urban, mixed-use, and commercial projects – both new built and renovations. With an expansive portfolio that spans projects in more than 15 countries across Europe, Russia, and China – gaining awards from organizations such as Archdaily, AD, AIA, ISCS, MIPIM, RIBA,  REARD and WAF - Daniele's global reach has enriched his design palette, allowing him to blend global influences with local nuances seamlessly.


Daniele founded Aitects in 2021 bringing together his unique blend of expertise in identity branding, strategic vision, and architecture after learning from his previous experience in leading positions for industry leaders such as Kokaistudios, Tconcept and UNStudio.

Daniele approaches each project’s unique requirements with simple, elegant and unexpected design solutions. Collaborating closely with clients to achieve outstanding results, at the heart of Daniele's design philosophy is the end-user: understanding their needs and aspirations is paramount to creating spaces that truly make a difference. This user-centric approach infuses his designs with functionality, comfort, and a sense of belonging. Committed to sustainability and a holistic approach to design, he ensures that his creations are environmentally conscious and socially responsible.

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