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Ali Yassini is a highly regarded realtor with a passion for helping individuals achieve their real estate goals.

He spent over 20 years as a senior management professional and entrepreneurial leader in both small and large organizations. His specialization was in management systems consultancy within the construction industry, which included instructing, introducing, documenting, and implementing effective policies and procedures. Also, he is a certified real estate negotiation expert (RENE) and a luxury homes specialist (LHC).

Despite his business background, where he helped various types of businesses achieve their goals, he is also a martial artist. He holds the title of Certified Master Instructor in Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) and proudly bear a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Karate. His martial arts background helps him remains self-disciplined, humble, approachable, and always open to answering questions or assisting someone in need. 


For Fourteen years, he owned and managed a neighborhood plaza in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada while concurrently operating his own Martial Arts gym.

He firmly believes that you should feel confident throughout every step of the buying/selling real estate process.

About Ali Yassini

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