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Gabriele Bertini

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Gabriele has acquired a diverse skill set and expertise in various facets of real estate development, including mixed-use development, international trade, leasing, marketing, and portfolio management.


His background as a dynamic and versatile business development leader has enabled him to excel in maximizing property values and investment returns across complex real estate portfolios. He has successfully spearheaded extensive commercial revitalization and expansion projects in Europe, Africa, and Asia, showcasing his ability to adapt to different market environments.


Throughout his career, he has honed his skills in team leadership, training, and high-performance management. His vision-driven approach to decision-making, strategic planning, and tactical implementation has consistently exceeded expectations and delivered results for leading real estate companies.


His areas of expertise include mixed-use development, redevelopment & refurbishment, portfolio leasing, market penetration planning, portfolio operation management, business intelligence & analysis, asset allocation strategies, margin & revenue generation, and project management. With 7 years of experience in development executive positions, 8 years in commercial and leasing executive positions, and 5 years in operation executive positions, always working for market leading developers.


Gabriele is always eager to bring his wealth of experience and passion for real estate development to a new and exciting role.

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